Exciting News and Projects for 2015

30-Days-250I am excited to share with you a new project for 2015 and beyond. Today, you can head over to Amazon and pick up an eBook copy of 30 Days of Devotions: From the Sermons of Andrew FullerI put together this devotional to introduce folks to pastor-theologian Andrew Fuller and to provide an edifying resource that will grow the reader’s love for God and the gospel. Never read any of Andrew Fuller’s sermons? Why not start with this 30 day devotional containing excerpts from Fuller’s sermons? I think you will love it. Also, be on the lookout for future volumes in the 30 Days of Devotions series. Read more


Screwtape: The Faith Killing Power of the Ordinary

2014 has been a year of the ordinary. The ordinariness of life has been a challenge this year. Work, school, diapers, night-night-rocking, and the daily tasks of being a working seminarian dad have been, too often, all I could see in front of me. The ordinariness of life has shamefully been blocking my eyes from the majesty and glory of the eternal God of the universe and his daily works. And isn’t this just how the evil one would have it?

C. S. Lewis touches on this in his Screwtape LettersThe quote below comes from the first letter from Uncle Screwtape. Read more