On Reading: Friends and Enemies

I love reading. I love books. I love information. So, working in a library is a dream job for me.

One of my tasks at SEBTS’s Library is stewarding social media and providing interesting and helpful content to our seminary community. This means I often find great books and quotes on reading and other library related topics. The quote below is from The Pocket University: The Guide to Reading (9-10)Continue reading “On Reading: Friends and Enemies”

Shame, Guilt, and Tattoos in the Pulpits and Pews

“What is Jesus going to think when you get to heaven and have all those tattoos?”

This is what Nicki asked me during a band practice break in Boulder, Colorado. Nicki was our mandolin player and a Cornell educated mountain woman. I was a newly converted 20-something struggling to find my place in a band that was playing dozens of shows in bars around Colorado. I chuckled at Nicki’s question and replied, “Jesus isn’t concerned about my tattoos. I am totally accepted because he lived and died for me.” Continue reading “Shame, Guilt, and Tattoos in the Pulpits and Pews”