Exciting News and Projects for 2015

I am excited to share with you a new project for 2015 and beyond. Today, you can head over to Amazon and pick up an eBook copy of 30 Days of Devotions: From the Sermons of Andrew Fuller. I put together this devotional to introduce folks to pastor-theologian Andrew Fuller and to provide an edifying resource that… Read More »

My 2015 Reading List

One of my goals for 2015 is to read several books from a few areas. The areas include: Spiritual Disciplines, Leadership, and Misc. Below is my 2015 Reading List

Screwtape: The Faith Killing Power of the Ordinary

2014 has been a year of the ordinary. The ordinariness of life has been a challenge this year. Work, school, diapers, night-night-rocking, and the daily tasks of being a working seminarian dad have been, too often, all I could see in front of me. The ordinariness of life has shamefully been blocking my eyes from… Read More »

Mind Mapping 2015

2015 is approaching fast. Only a few more days until a new year begins. For me, this means setting all sorts of goals and plans.