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8 Ways To Turn Problems Into Positivity

Problems come and go but our perspective on them should remain the same. Make a shift of perspective on problems and radically change your day to day leadership.

I love problems. Well, that’s not entirely true. To be more accurate, I love solving problems. But a love for solving problems is not enough. Having proper perspective on what problems really are is where problem solvers gain an edge.

When leaders approach problems with a positive perspective, teams can see through the immediate pain and push through the problem solving process with confidence and courage. I love John Maxwell’s acronym for seeing problems with a positive perspective:

P – predictors: helping to mold our future
R – reminders: showing us that we cannot succeed alone
O – opportunities: pulling us out of ruts, prompting creative thinking
B – blessings: opening doors we would otherwise not go through
L – lessons: providing instruction with each new challenge
E – everywhere: telling us that no one is excluded from difficulties
M – messages: warning us about potential disaster
S – solvable: reminding us that every problem has a solution

When the pain of a problem arises on your team, take your mind and heart to a proper perspective. Problems can be positives not negatives, blessings not curses. Your team is depending on the right perspective.


I lead communications at College Park Church in Indianapolis, IN. We are a growing communications team serving a family of three churches around central Indiana.

I am also a husband, father of three girls under 5 years old, and a lifelong student of entrepreneurship.

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