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  • Name: Joshua Breland
  • Age: 30
  • Twitter: @joshua_breland
  • Full-Time Work: Director of Communication
  • Part-Time Work: Insurance, annuities, investments
  • Projects: Launching 2017
  • AKA: Dad (4, 2, new (Coming August 2017), Husband (5 years to Libby)
  • Around Town: Linkedin, FB, Medium
  • Professional Highlights: Driving tanks (U.S. Army), living 6 months at 10,000 ft.  (Copper Mountain), working archives metadata on Francis Schaeffer Collection, creating devotional book from Andrew Fuller’s works.


I was born and raised in Louisiana. After turning 21 years old I moved to Boulder, Colorado and lived in Colorado for almost 3 years. Since then I have lived in Oklahoma, North Carolina, and New Mexico. Whoa! I am now back in North Carolina and loving Western North Carolina.

I try not to speak to speak in buzzwords but I do consider myself a serial entrepreneur. What that means is that I fail often and still have a lot to learn. I hope we can learn some together.