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Listening to learn. Leading to win.

6 Goals For Your First 6 Months

Starting a new position is an exciting new journey. With so much to learn and think about as you transition to your new role, be sure to focus on the first 6 months on the job. The years ahead will thank you.

8 Ways To Turn Problems Into Positivity

When leaders approach problems with a positive perspective, teams can see through the immediate pain and confidently push through the problem solving process. John Maxwell has a great acronym he uses for seeing problems with a positive perspective.

It is good until it isn’t…

I have learned a lot about business in the past year. And believe me, there is still so much I need to learn. But I can’t stop thinking about this one truth that is at the core of every business: It is good until it isn’t.

3 Leadership Principles I Learned In Combat Arms

In 2006 I spent 16 weeks at Ft. Knox, Kentucky completing One Station Unit Training (O.S.U.T.) to become a 19K M1A1 Armor Crewman. Those four months of training were life changing in many ways. One area of development and learning was leadership.

Are You Consistently Building Skills?

Everyone agrees that personal growth is good. The books, blog posts, and conferences are legion. But personal growth is nothing without growing skills. Yet, how many of us are consistently seeking to grow our skills?

2017: Another State, Another Daughter, Continued Grace

In 5 weeks I will celebrate 6 years of marriage with my wife Libby. Time flies. I am blessed. Next month will also mark the 5th state we have lived in since being married 6 years ago. We never planned for this kind of vagabond-ish life. The best laid plans... In 14...

What’s Going On In 2017

2017  is here and it is a particular kind of scary. Well, this is looking to be quite the year. A year of goals, expectations, and life change. This will be the first year that my wife and I will be full time entrepreneurs. I have seen this path of full time...

7 Causes of Unrest Among Workers

Treating others as you want to be treated is a no-brainer and yet it is something we often forget. I love this from John Maxwell.  J. C. Staehle, after analyzing many surveys, found that the principle causes of unrest among workers were the following, listed in order...