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Conquer Fear, Tomorrow Will Thank You

Fear is as sure a part of life as death and taxes. And much like death and taxes, we don’t want to spend time thinking about fear. But conquering it shouldn’t be a fearful dread.



The wooden tower was 25 feet tall. It looked like something I would have built as a child with my Lincoln Logs. Except this wasn’t fun. It was almost my turn to climb this log tower. I was afraid.

What I focused on is a perfect case of what not to do if you want to conquer fear. My mind raced:

My boots don’t have enough grip…
I’m only 5’9”, I can’t reach properly…
I didn’t stretch enough this morning…
I didn’t grow up climbing trees like the rest of these guys…
If I fall and break my leg I am not going to leave this place for at least a year…

Then, guess what happened? I walked up to the tower. Climbed up one side and down the other. I conquered my fear out of brute…something. It was after conquering this tower of fear that I had a breakthrough.

My breakthrough was that I now had a moment of trial and success and I knew I could actually deal with my fear. Instead of focusing on all the reasons why I was afraid, I turned my focus to all the reasons that I could conquer the task ahead and kill my fear. This is why conquering fear on a daily or weekly basis is so important!

So, what fears are you facing today? If you haven’t conquered them, I bet you are telling yourself all the reasons why you are afraid instead of all the reasons why you can win.

Kill a fear today. Tomorrow will thank you.

I lead communications at College Park Church in Indianapolis, IN. We are a growing communications team serving a family of three churches around central Indiana.

I am also a husband, father of three girls under 5 years old, and a lifelong student of entrepreneurship.

I love connecting with new friends. Link up with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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