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have learned a lot about business in the past year. And believe me, there is still so much I need to learn. But I can’t stop thinking about this one truth that is at the core of every business: It is good until it isn’t.

Change has come. Because of the exponential trajectory of technology and automation, successful businesses cannot remain stagnate for long periods of time. Shift happens. Innovate or die. Yesterday was supposed to be about today but we were wrong. Everything is about tomorrow. And tomorrow might be the day you get put out of business. So, what?

Well, it is not so much a “what” but a “why?” And the why is,

It is good until is isn’t.

This isn’t a new principle. It has been true ever since there was a marketplace. Think about it. Many fortunes have been made in industries and with products that no longer exist. Change has always been around but now we are seeing change at incredible speed. An old principle is now a new mantra.

Business leaders and entrepreneurs now have to see business growth and development in much shorter arcs. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it will require courage and creativity. Vision will only get you so far.

There is a great opportunity in these fast times that should not be missed. New success has always been around the corner but now the corner is coming faster and faster. Do not fear. This is exciting! Those who listen and learn from consumers, innovate, and provide exceptional services and products can be greatly rewarded in relatively short periods of time.

But even in these exciting fast times of change, there is at least one principle that remains true and relevant. It is good until it isn’t. Our opportunity today is, more than ever, to dream, imagine, find, and create the next “good.”What a time to be alive.

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