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What’s Going On In 2017

2017  is here and it is a particular kind of scary.

Well, this is looking to be quite the year. A year of goals, expectations, and life change. This will be the first year that my wife and I will be full time entrepreneurs.

I have seen this path of full time entrepreneurship for several months. It is just crazy to think we are now living it. Ah!

My wife’s LuLaRoe business is turning one year old next month. She has done incredible things with her business. She is far more impressive than I tell her. Maybe telling her this more often should be a 2017 goal. I will work on it.

I am also launching a few new businesses this year.  These businesses include jewelry brands, insurance sales and agency development, and investing. Yeah, I know. Pray for me.

All of these new journeys and entrepreneurial experiences will be accompanied by the birth of our third child in August. We are very excited. Did I mention pray for me?

2017 is looking to be a scary and exciting year of personal growth, family growth, and lessons learned. It’s my goal to blog about the goings on of this year and how our entrepreneurial journey is turning out.

I hope you will join us along for the ride.

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