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4 Extremely Valuable Life Experiences You Can Get For Free

Life is full of experiences. Some are meaningful, most are forgotten, but a select few will significantly change your life forever. Below are four extremely valuable life experiences you can buy with only your time.

Consider doing one or more of these experiences. The professional path you want to be on may depend on it.

What you can learn and gain FOR FREE:

People skills

Relationships inside the industry

Knowledge about the industry







Experience for your resume

Take An Internship

Yeah, I get it. No one wants to work for free. But internships are so much more than someone working for free. With the right internship, you are giving your time for valuable experiences, access to networks, and the opportunity to build valuable skills. Working an internship inside an industry or company that attracts you can change your life forever.

Most people make excuses as to why they cannot take a non-paid internship. Excuses never serve you. Action serves you. Conquering your fear serves you. This first step of acquiring an internship will be the initial valuable experience. Sell yourself so you can one day own yourself in the marketplace.

Volunteer with a Non-Profit

So, maybe giving your time to an organization not turning a profit is more do-able for you. Great. I can respect that. Non-profits help lots of people every minute of the day. This experience will open your eyes to the pain, hurt, and need in your community. Successful people know the value of compassion and empathy. And your time spent volunteering will positively change the lives of others in your community.

There are many great non-profits all around you. If you can’t find one locally that you want to support, find one online. Non-profits are always underserved both on the ground and online. You will not be disappointed by giving your time to help others.

Interview the Homeless

I lived in Boulder, Colorado for a few years. The city had many homeless people. One of my favorite things to do was go talk to them and hear their stories. I am better for it.

The homeless have a perspective from which you cannot see. They have lived all over the country. They have met and spent time with all sorts of people. They have lived a life you will probably never live. Go interview them! You will gain wisdom from these men and women and will get to see inside a world that you probably know nothing about. And it will cost you nothing but your time.

Join the Military

This is a much bigger time and life commitment. Serving in the military is not for everyone. Only you can make that decision for you. That said, many successful entrepreneurs and leaders credit their time in the military as foundational to their success. I know personally that my military experience changed my life forever. (Check out Kamal Ravikant’s story | Kamal Ravikant)

Do you need discipline, patience, leadership skills, people skills? Join the military. And, unlike the other free experiences, you will actually be paid for your service.

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